3 Marriage Commitments that are More Consequential Than You Think

July 14, 2021

18 Minutes

Marriage is meant to unite two people as one, but unexpected trials and difficult seasons can create distance between couples. In this episode from the “Best Of” series, Mark and Mackenzie Carter reflect on 20 years of marriage and share three helpful commitments for building a strong, healthy marriage with God at the center.

Episode Notes

1.  Fulfill your vows.

  • Sometimes there is nothing to figure out, it’s just hard. Decide to fulfill your vows. Just don’t leave (except in abusive situations).
  • Just serve your spouse.
  • Affirm and celebrate what they’re doing right.

2. It’s YOUR job to meet your spouses needs, and not someone else’s.

  • Be careful of too much distance.
  • Your spouse has needs that God has assigned you, and they will look different than your needs. Learn how they want to be loved, you can’t just do what would bless you.
  • Watch out for threats and rivals.
  • Watch out for other people’s emotional needs that impact your unity.
  • Be completely transparent.

3. Patiently Seek God both personally AND as a team.

  • The vision is to synchronize with both Jesus and spouse and in that, Jesus syncs us.
  • Even if you make the wrong decision, you were in it together.

Put the passion back in your weekend.

Saved people serve people.


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