Family Dedication

Family Dedication + Celebration

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No one has a greater potential to make a positive impact for Jesus in the heart of your child than you, the parent. We at Fierce Church are thrilled to partner with you as you make a public commitment to raise your child/ren in God-honoring ways. Family Dedication & Celebration involves the whole family, not just your little one! And that’s reason to celebrate!

After you register for Family Dedication, we will contact you to set up a date for the required Parent Class. At the Parent Class, you will learn about Family Dedication & Celebration details, but more importantly, you will get some tips and tools in order to focus on what matters most through the parenting journey ahead.

More Information About Family Dedication

A Christian Parent’s Covenant

You will not have to recite a pledge during the ceremony. You should, however, read and decide whether you are able to commit to this pledge:

“Declaring Christ as Savior and Lord and believing in my heart that God raised Him from the dead, I this day acknowledge that my children are gifts from God, that I am a caretaker by His grace and, therefore, accept the responsibility for raising my family to know and follow Jesus.  As a Christian parent: 

  • I will demonstrate for my child Christian integrity in my personal life.
  • I will teach my child the meaning of fidelity in my marriage.
  • I will show my child the meaning of fellowship and servanthood through my church.
  • I will model my faith in my life, in prayer, a Spirit-empowered and surrendered life, and the application of the Bible’s truth as I teach my child to follow Jesus as Lord.

With God as my strength, I promise to give my child every possible benefit of home, school, church, and community. And I ask His blessing upon him/her to guide and guard through all his/her years. Amen.”


We want to help equip parents with tools that will help you review and continue the discussions begun on the weekend at home. These take-home pages, called Parent Cues, provide conversation starters, family activities, and daily devotional worksheets to encourage a week-long interaction with the lesson.