Curious about Fierce’s position on homosexuality?

Our Commitment

For those who may be curious about the position Fierce Church takes on loving members of the gay and lesbian community, including Christians who have found themselves to be homosexually oriented, we affirm our commitment to:

1. Embrace, seek out, and love all people, irrespective of their sexual orientation, irrespective of whether or not they attend Fierce Church, or ever will.

2. Lovingly urge all people everywhere to be reconciled to God through Christ, solely on the merits of Jesus (as opposed to one’s own, insufficient merit). See 2 Corinthians 5:20Galatians 2:16.

3. Call all people who identify themselves as “Christ-followers” to, with God’s help, imperfectly but proactively surrender every area of their lives to His rule and expressed will, found within the pages of scripture. See Luke 6:46John 3:362 Corinthians 5:15.

4. Demonstrate loving charity toward those who do not identify themselves as Christ-followers, or believe differently. See 1 Corinthians 5:12. 

What if I like Fierce Church,

but have a hard time with Fierce’s stance on what the Bible says about this topic?

First, that is understandable, given the “close-to-the-heart” nature of this topic.

Second, we would encourage a prayerful process of determining if this is a “bullet” issue for you.

  • Does God want you to grow through this tension?
  • Is there still a chance you can thrive at Fierce Church while lovingly seeing things a different way?
  • Is there any chance God would want you to take some time and study this issue from multiple angles?

We would suggest that, with some issues, there is room in any healthy church for disagreement without being divisive. Even so, if it really is a bullet issue, we would encourage you to find another church where you are spiritually fed, and graciously bow-out of attending Fierce Church.

Third, strive to maintain an appropriate level of humility in terms of what God is teaching you. The wise always have questions, perhaps the foolish are the ones who have decided they have nothing left to learn.

Finally, we would caution against demonizing people (or churches) that disagree with your differing position. It is not necessarily reasonable to hope that churches like Fierce Church are going to stop teaching surrender to the scriptures, and that doesn’t make them haters. We all have a lot to learn over the next several years about how to field this relatively new conversation (on the world’s stage, at least) well. We believe those who show the most grace will have the fewest regrets.