How to Access the Fire Your Soul Craves

January 10, 2022

5 Minutes

Discipleship Lesson:  Low-Cost Christianity cannot and will not produce a life of fire.

To be sure, this lesson doesn’t mean that our lives are to be one continual martyrdom. It DOES mean, however, that as far as it depends on us, we should live up to the level of sacrifice of which we are aware God has commanded us to walk in.

“Being on fire” is an experiential closeness with Jesus which brings an overwhelming sense of God’s immediacy and activity all around us. 

This fire is invaluable for sojourning with Jesus through life. 

Just as natural fire keeps the cold away, so spiritual fire can energize and warm us, even in seasons when there is little spiritual heat coming from others.

Just as natural fire brings light, spiritual fire adds spiritual vision. The fiery are preoccupied with the things of heaven, maintaining connection to Jesus and spiritual sensitivity, often discerning spiritual realities others would walk past blindly (Cross-reference 2 Kings 6:15-17).

Of course, EVERYBODY wants the fire of God. But so few are willing to PAY for it. 

The PRICE of this fire is saying YES to obedience’s that the natural man, our old sinful nature, would resist and stiffen against (because they are not immediately pleasurable and we prefer our comfort and convenience).

Just as the fire came down on Elijah’s sacrifices (1 Kings 18:38), so it is our sacrifice that brings the fire of God’s presence on our lives. 

Spiritual fire comes from sacrifice. 

To want to be on fire – without it costing you something – is a mirage. 

Writing to us from four centuries past, John Flavel exhorted us that “he that will not have the sweat, must not expect the sweet of religion.” (Flavel, “Keeping the Heart”, 166 )

Jesus showed us the path when He said that we would always find our lives by losing it (see Matthew 16:25). Why is it then that so many are trying to lose as little self as possible?

Whether it was accidental or intentional, formerly on-fire Christians have allowed some or all of life to become about keeping themselves comfortable. We ask ourselves questions like:

    •    What is the LEAST I have to do to honor Jesus in this area?

    •    At what point do I cross the line into sin? I’ll live right on that line. 

    •    What is the bare minimum God expects of me?

When this is how we are thinking, life has shifted from being about aggressively turning the ground of our hearts over to Christ to guarding a portion of our ‘life’ off from Him.  

And this is tragic. Because Christians who won’t pursue FRESH FIRE multiply their own hardships (See Hebrews 5:11Revelation 3:15-16). 

    •    Greater Anxiety 

    •    Lack of discernment 

    •    Under-evaluated motives 

    •    Self-deception

    •    Spiritual Inertia 

    •    Confusion

Discipleship Lesson:  Low-Cost Christianity cannot and will not produce a life of fire. 

Where have you found yourself trading in spiritual fire for earthly ease, excuses, and shortcuts? 

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