How to Make Seeking God Less Boring

February 10, 2021

4 Minutes

Over the years, I’ve noticed that people can start with great intentions, but many people struggle with this thing Christians call TIME WITH GOD.

You might’ve heard it called a devotion life or a quiet time, but the big idea is that we are developing our closeness to Jesus through regular time with Him. Quiet Times cause us to grow more like Jesus and grow FASTER.

In the most basic sense, this is what it means to SEEK God. Time with God is where we find his joy and strength for living, and we were going to start hearing his voice through the Scriptures.

While one of the things people really struggle with can be discipline, even very disciplined people wrestle with boredom.

A truly exciting relationship with God thrives on variety.

Put the passion back in your weekend.

That’s why I created this Bible Quiet Time Buffet. It’s a silly name, but BUFFET is a good description of what I think helps: having multiple options that you can pick from every day.

The quiet time buffet is essentially a PDF that guides you through time with God and mixes it up so that there is a bit of variety in your quiet times from day to day and week to week.

Saved people serve people.

Why mix it up?

We mix it up because, no matter how much you love God, doing the exact same thing every day, for most people, tends to lead to boredom. The long-term result can be a very monotonous or bookish kind of relationship with God instead of a living and vital one. 

I believe that the Spirit of God opposes us doing the same thing all the time in our time with Him. It would seem that the anointing falls off because God wants to teach us to be dependent on Him, and not just a regimen of things we do the same way every day. 

Your relationship with God is a RELATIONSHIP, and it’s supposed to be personal and exciting. 

If you try the Quiet Time Buffet, I don’t think you’ll get goosebumps ALL the time, but OVER time, you’ll begin to feel like there is life and movement in your walk with God. And because of that, you’ll likely want to spend more time with Him.

If you want to download the PDF or spreadsheet, you can take a look and see that three basic categories should be a part of a regular time with God. 

Bible • Prayer • Devotional Reading

In each one of the pictured columns, you would spend some time in the Bible, in prayer, and devotional/theological reading. (I’ve also included a bonus column for when you want to mix it up with something a little different).

As one option begins to get boring, in each category, that’s OK! You just go ahead and do a different option in that category! Your goal is to keep things alive by changing what you do every 3 to 4 days. A simple question to help is, “Is this option still alive in my heart, or am I getting bored?”

When you’re getting bored, that means the anointing is falling off of that option for now, but it may be back in a day or week. Keep moving!

You want to keep your relationship with God ALIVE. And changing what we do in our time with God from time-to-time can really help with that.

Do it!

I believe if you give this a shot, you will find time with God to be MUCH less boring, and you’ll even find that His Spirit seems to be leading you through these different options. You’ll find yourself enjoying time with Him more and feel much closer to Him over time.

There’s also a companion podcast episode that goes along with this practice. You can download that as well. Be sure to leave me any feedback on how God is using this in your life or what you think could be improved. 

Enjoy the Buffet!


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