An Ignited Disciple is a:

Companion Confidant of Jesus

A Cross-Bearing Conquerer with Jesus

Mentoring Friend like Jesus

Servant Ambassador to the world in Jesus’ name

As an Ignited Disciple at Fierce Church,      I commit to prioritize regular, sacrifical:

1. Personal Prayer and Bible study

2. Church Attendance

3. Praying for and inviting people to church

4. Serving at church

5. Bible-centered fellowship with other Christians

6.  Sacrificial Systematic Giving

Fierce Code

The Fierce Code is our cultural compact.

It’s our values agreement. The code is what we’re saying we’re really stirred up about. These are the things we’ll take a bullet for, we’ll bleed for, and we’ll go down with the ship for. Whatever else we DO, this is who we’re going to be.

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