Our church is here to rescue people.

What is the purpose of this offering?

Many of you know that we do an annual offering every November through January, and this year shouldn’t be any different. That’s why we’d like to set a modest goal for helping our Globe, our Community, and our Church. I want to encourage you to begin praying about your year-end or year-beginning involvement with what we call the Reach + Rescue Offering.

This year, we’re focusing our efforts on ⤵️


Emergency COVID-19 relief to members of our community.


Funding key ministries of the church during 2021.


Assisting women in developing the skills they need to leave a life of prostitution.


The Community focus is about Feeding those in our area and providing emergency Covid relief.

People need food, and sometimes people need help. Because of your generosity, as of this writing, we have supplied over $6400 to directly and immediately assist people impacted by Covid. A percentage of this year’s offering will go toward providing people with food and tangible financial assistance in some very dark times for them.


Many of you know that, though God has provided and has done a lot among us, 2020 was still a more challenging year financially, especially in the fall, to be sure. Even so, as we look toward next year, we want to do all we can to be helpful by getting a head start on being fully funded for 2021.

For our church to do the ministry it’s called to, we need to

  • Pay our bills and mortgage
  • Pay staff
  • Provide kids with supplies to learn
  • Have supplies to welcome guests and follow up with guest
  • Advertise
  • Do regular maintenance
  • Etc.

It takes about $17,000 per week for Fierce to run. As the year progressed in 2020, our actual income was closer to between $13,000 and $15,000.

A percentage of the Reach + Rescue Offering will go toward Fierce Fully Funded 2021, to help the Church’s ministry continue without being worried we might have to shut key ministries down in the coming year.


For many years, as has been demonstrated in previous Christmas offerings, we’ve felt the Spirit of God highlighting the calling of RESCUE in our Church.

In fact, before COVID-19, we had a team preparing to make our first exploratory church mission to Thailand to learn more about how we can help poor women, children, and some men enslaved in sex trafficking there.

COVID-19 dramatically interrupted that movement, but we still have the opportunity to help people from far away. We have the opportunity to provide education, skill training, and the gospel to help women enslaved in trafficking and prostitution in Thailand.

A percentage of this offering will help women get training to develop the skills they need to leave a life of prostitution.