Smarter Money Master Course

What is the Smarter Money Master Course?

A guided, at-your-own-pace course designed to help you win with money.

What to Expect

Smart Behavior

“You cannot out-earn your bad behavior.”

We’ve learned that being successful with your money starts with your behavior with money. Behavior is a funny thing because it operates in the background of our daily life, sometimes without us even knowing. You will learn exactly how to create lasting Good Money Behavior through the teachings of Jim and Jocelyn.

Practical Application

“This simple plan helps eliminate money stress.”

Let’s get you rolling with a plan that makes sense and is easy to keep up with. One of the things that people with Good Money Behavior do is create a monthly plan. Jim and Jocelyn will walk you through each step in how you create and follow this plan.

Big Picture

“Make sure you’re aiming at the right targets.”

Now that you have Smarter Behavior and a Monthly Plan, let’s talk and dream long term. These conversations are best 1-1 as every situation is unique. Jim and Jocelyn have helped hundreds of couples create a Financial Gameplan gives specific instruction on how to get out of debt early, be on track for retirement and more.