JUNE 14TH – 17TH * TEEN CAMP * Grades 6th -12th

GRADES 6-12  |  JUNE 14th-17th  |PEDITIITE

The Expedition is what we’d call the best week of 2023! It’s a week when 6th-12th grade students go to Expeditions Unlimited in Baraboo, WI, and experience four days and three nights with their people. It’s a place everyone belongs. Each day is filled with time to worship together and listen to messages that connect with teens right where they are. Students will also have the opportunity to hang out at the coffee house, participate in a team-building course, and go hiking, swimming, or canoeing.  No minute is wasted. Whether you are a squad leader, a program team member, or a student, we know Jesus has something special in store for this week and you!

Student Tickets are $200.

$100 deposit is required to register. Scholarships are available after that.

Register TODAY, time is running out!




Where is the Expedition?

Baraboo, WI

What are the dates for the Expedition?

June 14th- 17th

What is a day at the Expedition like?

Students start the day spending time with Jesus, learning about Him from the Bible and talking to Him in prayer. Students can do this outside or in the room, as long as everyone sticks together.

Next, we’ll kick off the mornings with a combination of sessions, community groups, and fun! Sessions are a lot like Fierce Teen Rally Nights, but better. Then, they head into small groups in the session to hash out what they just experienced. Leading them to Community Groups, where Squads meet up with a few other Squads are take advantage of what the Expedition has to offer.. Doing some group activities around Expedition, and by midday, everyone is getting hungry.

Lunch is different every day, but it’s always delicious. After eating, students have free time to relax on the water parks, indoor or outdoor, lounge at the pool, take a nap— whatever the entire room can agree to.

Each night, we come together for dinner and an evening session. We sing, we learn, and we pray. Then, it’s back to the room for small group time. And maybe a little sleep. Maybe.

How much does it cost to go to the Expedition as a student? As a volunteer?

Student tickets are $200 (must pay $100 deposit  to register)

Volunteer tickets are $75

What is the role of a Squad Leader

Squad leaders care for students by leading small group times, ensuring students’ safety, being on time, and making sure students have the best week of their lives.

What if my plans change? Can I get my deposit back?

No.  After signing up for the Expedition, your money is non-refundable and non-transferable.

How do I volunteer to be a Squad Leader?

Fill out the Interest Form on the Squad Leader page.
This form lets us know you are interested in serving at the Expedition. Someone form the Fierce staff team will be in touch about your next steps.

Can I bring my cell phone to the Expedition?

If your student part of the agreement to attend the Expedition is to leave your cell at home. This allows you to enjoy a distracted free week and enjoy the people around you. Parents will have their student’s Squad Leader cell and our emergency contact. We promise, this only makes the week 100 times better.

If I graduate in the spring of 2023, can I attend the Expedition 2023?

Yes! Students who graduate high school in May can attend the Expedition as seniors.

If I start middle school in the fall of 2022, can I attend the Expedition 2023

Not yet. To come to the Wave 2023, students must have completed sixth grade.

What happens if there is an emergency while my teen is at the Expedition?

There will be an emergency phone line for you to call and get in contact with your student. You will find out more about this at the parent meeting.

What if I can't afford it?

One reason we don’t ask for all ticket price at registration was to make it easier for families to send their students to the Expedition by spreading the cost over several months.

Inorder to register and secure a spot, everyone must pay the $100 deposit.  On the registration form there is a space to request a scholarship.  A Scholasship application will then be emailed to you.

All Scholarship Applications are due by May 7th.

We will notify you if were approved for a scholarship by May 13th.