Fall Connect Classes Begin November 5th!

Why Connect Classes?

Connect Classes are for anyone ready to step into the Fierce family. This series of four classes is the best place to learn what our church believes and what God wants for you.

We’ll talk about God’s promises to save us, free us, give us purpose, and make us into a family. And, we’ll help you discover how God is fulfilling those promises in your life.

What will I learn?

These four classes are based on the four promises God makes in Exodus 6:6-8. In those verses, God promises His people salvation, freedom, purpose, and a family.

Connect to God

Why am I here? How do I know if I’m saved? Why do I need to be baptized? Connect to God answers these questions and more as we learn what the Bible says about salvation and baptism and hear each other’s stories. 

Connect to Freedom

Knowing something is true is not the same as living like it’s true. In Connect to Freedom, we learn how to align our thoughts and actions with what’s true about God and us.

Connect to Purpose

Jesus didn’t just save us from sin; He saves us for a purpose. In Connect to Purpose, we discover our spiritual gifts and what it looks like to partner with God here on earth. 

Connect to Family

The church is more than a building, it’s a family. During Connect to Family, you’ll learn why God’s family is no ordinary family and find your place in our Fierce family.