Help us collect items to support children in local schools.

Thank you for making a difference!

May: Body Soap

Monthly Campaign: Making a Difference Together!

We are excited to partner with local schools to support children in need. This ongoing campaign is a collective effort, where every small contribution counts. Each month, we’ll focus on different items to purchase, making it easy for everyone to participate.

How can you help?

Simply add an extra item to your grocery cart and bring it to church. We have designated baskets in the hallway across from the sanctuary for your donations. It’s that simple! Please remember that we can only accept new items.

Create a Culture of Giving

As we contribute month by month, our collective efforts will create a powerful culture of consistent giving within our community. Together, we can make a significant impact on the lives of those in need. Join us!

See how we've made a difference

November: Winter Gloves

We collected 47 pairs of gloves.

December: Winter Coats

We collected 44 pairs of winter coats.

January: Winter Boots

February: Winter Hats

March: Diaper Wipes

We collect 52 packages of wipes.

April: Diapers

We collected 1,044 diapers.