Staff You Should Know and Where to Find Them

Mark Carter
You’ll most likely see Pastor Carter (or Carter, as he is commonly called) on stage or in our online service.  As a founding pastor since 2009, Carter is our lead pastor and teacher. He received his doctorate (DMin) from Liberty University, a master’s in expository preaching from Moody Bible Institute, and a master’s in Pastoral Ministry from Trinity Seminary. 

Carla Galivanez
Carla is our director of first steps. Her whole game is to get guests connected to the life of the church. You’ll probably see her in Connect Class along with many other “First Step” events. She might also text you. It’s cool. 

Andy Schmeck
Andy is our Care Pastor and a secondary weekend teacher. Andy has a bachelor’s in Biblical Studies from Trinity International University and a Master’s of Divinity (MDiv) from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. It is likely you will see Andy and his wife, Brookelynn, in the lobby on Sunday mornings. As a team, they regularly engage with folks after service. They love to help people find their way and get plugged in.

Alaina Bennetts
Alaina is our Youth Pastor. She is easily excited about teenagers and has been leading youth since she was one. You’ll see her around the halls on Sunday Morning and your teenager(s) will definitely see her at Fierce Teens (6pm, Sunday Nights).  

Brandon Adkins
Brandon is a familiar figure on stage, leading our worship every Sunday morning. If you have any questions regarding music or production, or if you’re interested in getting more involved in these areas, Brandon is the go-to person.

Veronica Frontone
On Sunday mornings, you might encounter Veronica in the Fierce Kids lobby. She and her team are dedicated to ensuring your child has a welcoming and enriching experience tailored specifically for them.

Jenny Garcia
For those participating in our online services, Jenny Garcia will likely be your host. She’s ready to assist with any questions you may have about our church or how to get started with your journey at Fierce.